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On Wednesday 3rd September, Christopher Awdry (pictured), the son of the famous Rev. Awdry, visited Mull to launch his new children’s book. The title of the book is ‘Loti and the Enchanted Forest’ and is based around the famous little Mullrail engine ‘Lady of the Isles’.The original engine stories were composed for Christopher in his early childhood, As an author, Christopher continues writing for children about railway engines.

The book personifies Loti as a frustrated little engine running backwards and forwards between Craignure and Torosay Castle. It explains how Loti got her name (Lady Of The Isles) and how the forest that she runs through is haunted by the ghost of her namesake. If you want to know more, I’m afraid that you are going to have to buy the book! However, the children from Loch Don and Salen Primary Schools have already had a chance to hear the book read by the author in the dining room of Torosay Castle. Christopher Awdry  told of how the engine books came about and in particular the Thomas the Tank engine stories. The children also had a ride on the Mull railway and went into the engine sheds to meet Loti. Unfortunately Loti was a bit poorly that day with chronic boiler problems.  The engine is expected to make a full recovery after bits are taken to Sheffield for surgery.

Loti had better be back soon, as the next wave of teeny travellers will be on their way to Mull, soon after the full publication of the book. Mullrail is one of the businesses on the Island that have benefited from the ‘Balamory effect’, but now will have its own attraction. Loti will certainly be pulling the Balamory Express next summer, and Dave, the engine driver, will certainly need help securing all of the wee passengers for the express ride (10 m.p.h.) through the enchanted forest.

For more about Loti on the Mullrail website www.mullrail.co.uk                                             


A Parker